Project Description

Pre-injury Strategic Injury Reduction Intervention
Time-loss through injury negatively affects team performance throughout a season. Squad-based injury prevention strategies are often employed within sporting organisations, but individualising the program can be challenging. These programs heavily dependent on coaching expertise and staffing resources, often lack empirical evidence potentially leading to poor outcomes. PITCH READY PRO enables organisations to deliver their own cost-effective, gold-standard injury reduction strategies for identification and targeted training interventions of the individual athlete, implemented at the organisational level. Suitable for professional sporting organisations and larger health and rehab facilities, PITCH READY PRO offers comprehensive training to allow in-house data capture, and fast, automated reports complete with actionable insights in comparison to normative data.
  • Clinical Examination and Range of Movement.
  • Lower Limb Strength Data.
  • Plyometric and Jump Based Testing.
  • Gold-standard 3D motion analysis of jumping and COD
  • Clear, actionable insights from industry experts
  • Ability to customise individualise testing and analysis to any sport specific movement – ask our team
  • Research capabilities
  • Clear, actionable insights from industry experts